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For more than 25 years, CPM based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has worked to transform and improve healthcare at the point of care. The company has developed a field-tested and effective way to improve all elements of the care process, from point-of-care clinical decision support to healthy work cultures and interdisciplinary team relations.

Proven Professional Practice Framework

Known as the CPM Framework™, CPM’s approach represents the most comprehensive system of clinical practice models available today for building interdisciplinary, evidence-based care, improving patient safety and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the care process. The CPM Framework, a cultural and professional practice framework, includes the highest quality clinical content and documentation to support evidence-based practice transformation, in addition to offering organizational strategies and tactics to support healthy and sustainable cultural transformation.

Evidence-Based Content Solutions

The centerpiece of the CPM content offering is the CPM CarePoints™, a decision support database that can be delivered within virtually all commercially available electronic health record (EHR) platforms. With evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, care planning and clinical documentation, the database is the industry’s most comprehensive patient care tool available. The clinical practice guidelines give clinicians practical direction regarding assessments, diagnosis and treatment across nursing and allied health disciplines in acute care settings. The care planning and automated clinical documentation ensure that the care team can consistently apply the most current evidence to a patient’s care while ensuring regulatory compliance without added documentation burdens. In addition, a standalone web-based version of the clinical practice guidelines (CPM Guidelines™) is available as a turn-key reference and workflow tool.

Practice Transformation Services

CPM’s decision support tools are complemented by proven methods to support practice transformation. Organizational development, communications theory, interpersonal dynamics, systems thinking, polarity management, and healthcare best practices have all been synthesized into a concise roadmap that helps clinicians and administrators affect sustainable change across the healthcare organization. The Practice Transformation Services from CPM also help organizations prepare for, adopt and successfully implement EHR/EMR solutions.

CPM’s unmatched combination of patient care tools, change management and practice advancement strategies provide hospitals and health settings with the full spectrum of skills and capabilities required to transform the delivery of healthcare.

A Visionary Founder

CPM was founded by Bonnie Wesorick, a visionary nurse whose clinical experiences led her to seek out new and more effective ways of providing care that honored both patients and providers. Today, the company stands at the cutting edge of healthcare’s interdisciplinary integration and reform movement as the only organization with a proven commitment and ability to improve patient outcomes, meet regulatory requirements, while at the same time build a healthy, sustainable culture in healthcare organizations.

CPM is a business unit of Elsevier Clinical Decision Support. Elsevier, the global leader with 150 years experience in developing and delivering medical and health information, provides technology and content solutions designed to improve healthcare quality while reducing cost. The Elsevier Clinical Decision Support business delivers on this promise at the point of care through actionable clinical content, care planning and documentation, drug reference and decision support, learning and performance management, and data mining and outcomes analytics solutions for provider, pharmacy and payer organizations. For more information, visit
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