CPM CarePoints Emergency™ is intentionally designed to support evidence-based practice and clinical documentation at the point of care in the emergency department setting. CPM CarePoints Emergency can be fully integrated into any electronic health record (EHR) to support the care process. CPM Care Points Emergency is based on the CPM Framework™ and models that have been used in healthcare organizations across North American for over 25 years. CPM CarePoints Emergency is interoperable across the CPM CarePoints™ solution, providing a seamless flow of information between emergency department and inpatient settings.

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

At the core of CPM CarePoints Emergency are over 120 evidence-based clinical practice guidelines designed to provide the latest scientific and clinical guidance on a wide range of problems, symptoms and conditions encountered in the emergency department. Each clinical practice guideline has robust referential information to guide decision making along with key “must know” information. These guidelines support the novice to expert clinician, and help facilitate a focused assessment of patients to provide safe and effective treatment planning.

Streamlined, Problem-Focused Documentation Tools

CPM CarePoints Emergency also offers automated documentation tools that make assessing, treating and transitioning patient care simple and fast. With automated documentation, the relevant clinical practice guidelines disperse care sets that automatically customize the necessary documentation for you, ensuring that the information provided is exactly what is needed for streamlined, problem-focused care. Documentation tools such as a triage record, patient profile, and patient care summary support longitudinal care planning  and transitions of care from the emergency department for the adult and pediatric population.

An Array of Benefits

  • Improves clinical outcomes by promoting evidence-based practice, and supporting individualized, timely, safe and effective care
  • Stimulates and strengthens critical thinking and improves quality of documentation
  • Enhances patient safety by providing specific interventions to address presenting symptoms or problem
  • Reduces practice variability and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration across the continuum
  • Evidence-based information at the clinicians finger tips to support the delivery of competent professional health services
  • Speed to value: reduces internal resources required to develop and maintain evidence-based practice tools
  • Support clinical scholarship and evidence-based practice principles

To instantly download a PDF of the “CPM CarePoints Emergency” overview, please click here.

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