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With CPM CarePoints, we’ve revolutionized patient care by producing the most comprehensive, EHR-based interdisciplinary care planning and clinical documentation system on the market today.

This industry-proven solution — which can be installed into virtually any electronic health record (EHR) — provides an all-inclusive framework for implementing actionable, evidence-based care and documentation tools across clinical domains.

See our current technology partners that offer pre-built, ready-to-implement CPM CarePoints modules in EHRs. We can also easily integrate CPM CarePoints into any EHR in a matter of months.


At the core of this comprehensive point of care solution are evidence-based clinical practice guidelines designed to provide the latest scientific and clinical guidance on a wide range of medical, surgical, and human response diagnoses. In addition, CPM CarePoints offers automated electronic documentation and other tools, such as risk screens and scales, that make planning, recording, and tracking the recommended care steps and monitoring the patient condition simple and fast. With automated documentation, the relevant clinical practice guidelines disperse care sets that automatically customize the necessary documentation for you, ensuring that the information provided is exactly what is needed to provide optimal, patient-centered care. The advanced documentation tools support longitudinal care planning and transitions of care for patients.


Unlike many other decision-support applications, CPM CarePoints was designed from the ground up as a truly interdisciplinary patient care tool. That means that all clinicians — nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists and others — can rely on CPM’s application both for expert guidance in their area of clinical responsibility as well as the tools they need to document and monitor that care.


  • Improves clinical outcomes by promoting evidence-based practice, and supporting individualized, timely, safe and effective care
  • Stimulates and strengthens critical thinking and improves quality of documentation
  • Enhances patient safety by providing specific interventions on how to prevent and manage potential complications
  • Increases staff efficiency and satisfaction by providing standardized tools and lessening documentation burdens
  • Reduces practice variability and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, meet and/or exceed quality and safety initiatives such as Magnet® and Joint Commission with the only solution built on a professional practice framework with care models
  • Meet requirements for ARRA “Meaningful Use” and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) with a solution built to increase clinician collaboration and improve the quality and efficiency of care.


  • CPM CarePoints Inpatient- Acute care enterprise allied health and nursing documentation and care planning solution inclusive of five patient populations: Adult, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, NICU, and Newborn.
  • CPM CarePoints Pediatrics- Acute care allied health and nursing documentation and care planning solution for pediatric healthcare organizations.
  • CPM CarePoints Obstetrics- Acute care allied health and nursing care plan and documentation solution for obstetrics (OB) care facilities.
  • CPM CarePoints Critical Care- Acute care allied health and nursing documentation and care planning solution for critical and intensive care units and facilities.
  • NOW AVAILABLE! CPM CarePoints Emergency- Designed to support clinical documentation and evidence-based practice at the point of care in the emergency department setting. Includes 125 clinical practice guidelines to support treatment planning and focused assessment of adult and pediatric populations.


Improving care quality and reducing care variance will continue to be key objectives as healthcare reform moves forward. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) — which has allocated nearly $20 billion to support the implementation of a national electronic health record (EHR) infrastructure over the next five years — specifically stipulates quality objectives as a condition of provider funding. By implementing CPM CarePoints, provider organizations will be well-positioned to reap the benefits of federal electronic health record (EHR) assistance. More importantly, you’ll be establishing a solid foundation for ensuring consistent, effective and scientifically up-to-date care.  For more information on how CPM can help you meet ARRA “Meaningful Use” requirements, visit our ARRA & Meaningful Use Center.

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